Signed paperback of Courting Eternity with Original Cover


The Maristellar Kingdom has been under a dark cloud for over a decade. Finally, with their queen in place and a festival approaching, there is something to celebrate and look forward to. Rafe’s apprehension nearly overshadows the joy building up to the festivities. Kara and Evren try to keep spirits high, but secrets are kept, and friendships are tested.

As the festival gets closer, threats are made and enemies revealed. Magic blooms. New creatures bring unexpected chaos. Will everything go without a hitch or is something sinister lurking in the shadows?

Courting Eternity is book 3 of The Courtship Saga, an 8-book epic fantasy series that needs to be read in order.

Content Warning: This book is fast-paced, told in 1st person POV and contains violence, death, SA, blood, and more...


A signed paperback with a bookmark