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This is a YA fantasy romance, but it does take on some mature content, including violence, abuse, off-page miscarriage, and more. Please consider this before buying. Thank you.

Signed copy includes a bookmark.

This is a YA fantasy romance, with fade-to-black, magic, mystery, and more!


"A unique story of love, loss, and difficult choices, The Unexpected Queen is perfect for anyone ready to dive into a bold, new world." - Award-Winning Author Emily Hoffmann, I Remember

The woman with the heart of gold

Nineteen-year-old Sera lives a simple life on Isle Piscantur. She serves the Dahvaene estate, running the day-to-day affairs of the household, overseeing the orchard harvest, and handling the produce stall at the market. Sera answers to the mistress, Rae'lin, who spends her days caring for her bedridden husband and ill son.

The stranger with the perfect smile

When Dankin arrives on the island, shipwrecked and looking for work, Sera takes a chance on the mysterious stranger. Despite the warnings in her head, she grows fond of Dankin, and she learns there is much more beneath the surface...

Perfect for fans of all ages, The Unexpected Queen is high fantasy, great for fans of fairytales (Beauty & the Beast, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and more), romance, and adventure. Don't let the cozy cover deceive you. Dive into The Unexpected Queen, and you might just be surprised what you find inside!

With a glossy dust jacket, lovely image of mermaid scales printed directly on the book, and fun bookish extras, it's perfect for your summer reading!


Signed hardcover

exclusive bookmark


mermaid tail pen

mini notebook