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Wisteria, princess of the Fire Court, is commanded to wed Earl Mal of the Wind Court. Refusal is not an option. The night before the official announcement will be made, she flees her court and travels to the mortal lands.

A year later, her worst fear comes true. A man comes to her cottage, but he's no ordinary man. His task? Find the princess, return her unharmed, and he will be given his reward. Except, now that he's found her, he discovers he doesn't want to let her go...

Will he choose his heart or honor his bargain? Because in a world where fae intrigue and mystery lurk, he can't have both.


This is a standalone novella set in the same world as The Stolen Royalty Series. You do not have to have read the other books to enjoy this story.


Trigger Warning:

Mention of branding

Wrist/Ankle bindings

Emotional abuse/manipulation

Thoughts of suicide


Book includes a matching bookmark, character art, and a few bookish goodies! Available now! 96 pages.

Book includes a matching bookmark, character art, and a few bookish goodies! This is the hardcover also found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.  96 pages.

Book includes a matching bookmark and a few bookish goodies! This "bodice ripper edition" is only available through my website! This has a "romance cover" for the book itself, while the dust jacket is the original image found on the other formats. 96 pages.

This copy has a slightly misaligned cover along with a few typos inside that have since been corrected.
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(When purchased using the promo code, character art is not included with the free copy)