Signed Paperback of Courting Hope


Rafe and Ana’s story continues. After torture, war, death, and other unspeakable horrors, Ana tries to adjust to her life, while overcoming her past. Rafe blames himself for some of her suffering, and together, they work to battle her inner demons.

Some things won’t stay buried, and the past and future blend in ways that even Ana is unsure she can face. Will Rafe, Kara, and Evren’s love and support be enough to help her overcome her trauma while trying to protect the kingdom? Or will it all fall down around them?

Rafe encourages Ana to look for a brighter future, to have hope, even in the darkest night...

Courting Hope is book 4 of The Courtship Saga, an 8-book epic fantasy series that needs to be read in order.

Content warning: This is a dark fantasy, some topics included are violence, SA, death, blood, torture, and more.


Includes signed book and a bookmark